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Woodworking residencies provide novel enrichment programs for classrooms and community arts programs. 

We currently provide residencies throughout Tennessee, and out of state by request.

What is a residency?

Our residency programs typically consist of 3-5 days of woodworking classes, centering around one focused theme. Residencies are often grant-funded, and provide unique arts opportunities to students with special needs.  

How do you get a grant?

There are a variety of grants available for schools and community groups, depending on the situation and needs of your particular group of students. 


In TN, we frequently work with the TN Arts Commission and Borderless Arts TN to bring these exciting residencies to new areas. 

Learn more about Grant Requirements and the Application Process through TN Arts Commission

Contact Jennie for help obtaining a grant through Borderless Arts TN. 

Residency Theme Examples

The theme of your residency classes may be one of the following popular examples, or a customized theme based on certain grant requirements or a current classroom focus. 

Intro to Woodworking

In this hands-on course, students will be guided through the safe and effective use of hand tools to build their own woodworking projects (examples include a boat, a bed, an airplane, and a creature).


Each project gradually introduces new challenges, as students develop confidence with different tools and techniques.


The curriculum provides novel and engaging opportunities for students to learn skills related to math (measuring, geometry), science (physics, botany), and art (drawing, painting, sculpting), while increasing independence and creative problem solving skills. 

Little House Woodworking

In this course, inspired by the Little House in the Big Woods and Farmer Boy books by Laura Ingalls Wilder, children enjoy hands-on opportunities to learn skills related to math, science, art, history, and literature.


Students are guided through the safe and effective use of woodworking hand tools to create multi-media projects inspired by the Little House books. This fun, back-to-basics program helps children learn and appreciate some of the basic skills that people used in the Victorian Era. 

Woodworking: Building Cars

This engaging course provides students the opportunity to design and build their own functional wooden car and racetrack. Students are guided through the safe and effective use of hand tools, and learn how to install wheels on their vehicle.


After completing the woodworking projects, children put their cars into action and experiment with racing their cars on the track to determine which factors effect speed. This course provides an exciting integration of hands-on learning with skills related to math, science, art, and creative problem solving. 

Video Examples


Jennie Harriman’s woodworking sessions have been the best hours of my students’ (and my) day for the last three days.  


Jennie has an incredibly balanced approach.  She is engaging without being gimmicky, she is well-prepared without being rigid, and culturally-competent without being patronizing.  


Working with students who have moderate to severe disabilities, many only see the challenges... Jennie never gave this impression, but was quick to get to work directly with my students and accommodating any needs on the fly...


I am extremely happy that those students got to have such a positive experience with art that also involved STEM elements, such as engineering and math, and language arts.”

Jennie was very organized with materials, patient with staff and students, and provided excellent lessons on background information, safety, using the tools, and constructing the projects. 


Most of the students clearly had never used hand tools before, but overcame their fear and hesitation to use the tools.


They realized they could safely use the same types of tools that adults use to make something. 

Every student present participated to some degree, which was amazing!”

Christine Kempster-Myers, McMinn County High School

The art therapy sessions provided to my self-contained special education class by Ms. Jennie Harriman was top notch.


She made it a point to provide a variety of materials specific to student interests and abilities. My students were so excited to see their favorite things displayed in the decoration options for their cars!


It was a great experience for my students to get to try out new tools and art materials that most of them had never even seen before.


I was especially impressed and thankful that [she] made sure to adapt materials to meet the needs of my students with physical disabilities. The experience was so much fun from beginning to end...”

Ginny Swaggerty,
Holston View Elementary

Ms. Harriman was a joy to have in our classroom this week!


From the very first day, she was very prepared to deliver instruction to our students in CDC, while accommodating their special needs.


Every day, she brought enthusiasm and knowledge of the subject matter that motivated our students and increased their level of engagement.


Her innovation and teaching style has brought opportunities to our kids that they usually would not have.”

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