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Online Courses

Hammer Saw Drill is excited to announce the release of our 

online woodworking classes! Choose from:

  • Our self-paced video classes below. They allow you and your kids to enjoy each lesson together at a time that works with your schedule. For ages 3-12 and people with disabilities of all ages.

  • Our Outschool classes. They provide a self-paced or weekly structure that includes interaction with Jennie, but learners complete the classes and projects at a time that fits their schedule. For ages 8-12.


We are always available for questions and support. Reach out to Jennie any time at

Video Course Options

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Woodworking Basics


This essential course reviews all the basics you need to know to get started woodworking.


Learn safety rules and woodworking skills, and get familiar with each of the tools you'll use to build projects in later courses. 

Appropriate for kids ages 3-12 with adult supervision. 


Intro to Woodworking


This hands-on course for beginners features 7 step-by-step projects (including a boat, a bed, and an airplane).


Each project gradually introduces new challenges, as students develop confidence with different tools and techniques. 

Appropriate for kids ages 3-12 with adult supervision. 

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