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About Jennie

Jennie Harriman teaches art to a child

Experienced Teacher,

Individualized Approach


Jennie Harriman has 30 years experience as an art educator, and has earned an MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts with teaching licensure, and an MA in Early Childhood Education.

Jennie’s approach to teaching focuses on nurturing individuality, creativity and discovery to help children develop skills that enhance confidence and self-esteem. 

Jennie Harriman teaching a woodworking class for children

Unique Curriculum


Her signature “Hammer, Saw, Drill” woodworking courses have been widely successful in classrooms and grant-funded residencies.


The curriculums are designed to empower children of all ages and abilities, building confidence and independence through hands-on woodworking skills, the responsible use of tools, and the promotion of creativity, cooperation, and problem solving. 

Jennie Harriman teaches art to kids while traveling

Author & Online Educator


Jennie is the author of six educational picture books.


She has enjoyed bringing her work to new areas as a traveling artist, accepting many opportunities to share art and education with children throughout the United States and internationally. She is now offering online video classes and 


(Photo: Jennie teaches an art class at an orphanage in Egypt.)

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