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Two kids woodworking
Kid using hand drill
Measuring and Marking Wood
Kid's Woodworking Project
Woodworking Project - Bed
Kid's Woodworking Class
Boy using hand drill
Kid's Woodworking Projects
Kid's Woodworking Class
Child using hand drill
Kid's Woodworking Project
Kid's Woodworking Project
Child & Senior Woodworking Together
Kid's Woodworking Projects
Child Sawing Wood

Welcome to Hammer Saw Drill:

Adaptive Woodworking for Kids 


Looking for a new, exciting activity to engage and inspire your child or student?


You've found it. Woodworking is fun, fulfilling, and educational...and now we've made it easy for you to get started.

Featuring step-by-step projects, simple hand tools, and adaptable challenge levels, the Hammer Saw Drill curriculum is designed to make woodworking safe, accessible, and enjoyable for students of all ages and abilities!

Benefits of Woodworking

Builds confidence and independence  // Kids learn to use real hand tools

Promotes cooperation // Adaptable for different ages and abilities

Meet The Instructor

Photo of Jennie Harriman - Children's Woodworking Teacher
Jennie Harriman

Hello and welcome!


My name is Jennie. I'm an artist, teacher, author, and creator of the Hammer Saw Drill curriculum.


For 30 years, I've enjoyed working with children to foster creativity, individuality, and confidence from a young age.

I'm excited to help you share the experience of woodworking with the children in your life.

Let's get started!

Jennie has great compassion, love, and a sense of equality in teaching children."

Toni, Child Care Center Director

Woodworking Camp: Child's Review

Woodworking Camp: Child's Review

Children can do so much through and with art when provided with the opportunity.


Whether they are only two or twelve years old, children have so much potential when given the chance.


I feel very grateful to have Jennie teaching my daughter because she provides those opportunities for the children, and helps them grow and keep confidence in themselves."  

Rebecca, Parent

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